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Great shopping in Trinity is central to life in Trinity. Amazing specialty shops seem Trinity’s signature. To truly appreciate the width and breadth of shopping in Trinity, you must experience it! Trinity’s Shopping Quarter is a selective shopper’s dream come true.

'Trinity’s fresh flower shops overflow with blossoms
that beg to be dedicated to that certain someone.'

Take your time exploring colorful shop windows, perusing local merchant’s wares and trying to choose among the beautiful clothing and jewelry shops Trinity has to offer. Experience the many, many varied pleasures of Trinity’s bountiful and notable local shopping district.

Shop Trinity and come home with an armful of shopping bags and a smile!

Clever Kingdom
Clever Kingdom

Trinity, FL

  • It’s true, you know, that everyone’s child is the most adorable, most amazing person in the whole wide world. So it makes perfect sense that we make charmingly hip cotton clothing for your precious little prince or princess.
Favorite Occasions
Favorite Occasions

Trinity, FL 34655
Local: (727) 237-4347
  • Favorite Occasions specializes in personalized candy wrappers, coffee and tea favors, games and more for all your special events!
Fitness Caddy and Cruising Caddy
Fitness Caddy and Cruising Caddy
8143 Brumby Court
Trinity, FL 34655
Local: (727) 834-8944; Fax (727) 834-8722
  • Fitness Caddy arose from a desire to be as organized as possible while doing fitness activities or traveling. People drop items and find it difficult to carry a water bottle or other beverage, and the Fitness Caddy and Cruising Caddy fix this problem. Like no other water bottle you have seen!
Clever Kingdom
RSVP Fine Wines & Spirits

Trinity, FL

  • Upscale, sophisticated, elegant and exciting. RSVP stores will create an experience centered on the appreciation for the finest wines and premium spirits.
Clever Kingdom

Trinity, FL
Toll-free: (888) 832-5893
  • TEALUXE-A TEA BAR. Drink Tea? Tealuxe is your source for teas and tea accessories online. We have over 100 of the world's finest teas. Come, visit our site, relax...enjoy some tea.
That Wicker Guy
That Wicker Guy
1810 Arturus Lane
Trinity, FL 34655
Local: (727) 992-2142
  • Antique American Wicker Furniture! This has been our passion for the last 20 years. We now bring our collective experience with antique wicker furniture together to bring you the best quality, professionally restored antique wicker furniture pieces on the market today!
Elan Life
The Élan Life
3152 Little Road PMB #208
Trinity, FL 34655
Local: (727) 234-8001; Fax: (727) 375-7937
  • At The Élan Life, it is our mission to help you find quality products with great stories behind them. Our products help you live a lifestyle where everything on you and around you reinforces the positive aspects of who you are now as well as who you are becoming.